Université Paris Descartes

Seminar of intensive training to prostate MRI
Cochin Hospital, Department of Radiology A (Pr Legmann)
Paris Descartes University
2019, Septembre 17-18-19

This training is an immersion of a little bit less than 48 hours dedicated to MRI features of prostate cancer, from Wednesday 17.30 PM to Friday 16 00 PM.

It is given by Dr. François Cornud for two to four attendees.

It is intended for radiologists who are involved in prostate MRI interpretation, including beginners and radiologists with an intermediate knowledge of prostate MRI

However, the format of the seminar also allows to organize a dedicated seminar for those who already have a high experience of prostate MRI, but who would be willing to acquire still more expertise


The key point of the seminar is a correlation, for most cancer cases, with histological features of whole mount radical prostatectomy specimens, which represents an invaluable source of learning, even for radiologists who feel confident with prostate MRI reading.


Eight key points will be known at the end of the seminar

  1. The last version of the PI-RADS (v2.1) with its merits, limitations and means to improve its reliability to assigning a score 3 or 4.
  2. The rationale for an MRI before biopsy and a targeted biopsy only strategy.
  3. The different techniques of targeted biopsies and their respective indications
  4. Where to look for an extraprostatic extension to choose the optimal therapeutic option
  5. The value of Diffusion Weighed MRI to predict tumor aggressiveness, as shown by a correlation of the ADC map with Gleason score of surgical specimens
  6. The MRI features of local recurrence after radical treatment
  7. The protocol of whole body MRI and its accuracy for nodes and bone staging
  8. The implication of radiologists in focal therapy of prostate cancer


17.30-20.30 : Powerpoint presentation: the PIRADS v2.1 : its merits and its limits

Clinical cases on Olea console


Thursday morning

8.15-9.15: Correlation of the most recent MRI cases with results of targeted biopsies

9.30-12.00: Powerpoint presentation: prostate biopsies

Rationale for a targeted biopsy only strategy

Targeted biopsy: techniques

Clinical cases on Olea console


Thursday afternoon

13.00-16.00: Interpretation session at 3T.


Local staging: correlation of MRI findings with whole mount surgical histology

Protocol for lymph node and bone staging

Clinical cases on Olea console


Friday morning

8.30-9.30: Local recurrence after radical treatment: clinical cases and powerpoint presentation: Hands-on session on Olea console: what did you remember?

11.00-12.30: Analysis of the MRI cases of the afternoon reading session

14.00-16.00: The pathologist at work: correlation of MRI findings with whole mount surgical histology

Hôpital Cochin, 27 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Jacques, 75014 Paris

Department of Radiology (Pr Legmann) / Pavillon Achard, 1st basement (see map)

  • Pedestrian entry :27 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Jacques. 5 mn walk through the hospital.
  • Car entry, 10 rue Méchain. Pavillon Achard is just after the car entry, on the right side.


Public transports :

– RER : Denfert-Rochereau (500m)

– METRO : Denfert-Rochereau (lines 6 and 4), Saint-Jacques (line 6)

– BUS : 28 – 38 – 68 – 88

Registration Fee : 500€


Registration : Please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here .