Cochin Hospital, Department of Radiology A (Pr Legmann)
Paris Descartes University France

A full 48-hours immersion in a group of not more than ten radiologists is a unique and very effective way to become familiar with prostate MRI and understand its role in prostate cancer management.

Learning is based on the presentation of clinical MRI cases correlated to the whole mount surgical histology and supported by some comments in a PowerPoint format.

The amount of knowledge acquired during these 48 hours allows for an in-depth assimilation of the role of MRI in the diagnosis and staging of PCa for an optimal understanding of therapeutic options.

Atelier Workshop Udri
Seminar- Workshop Prostate Udri

Founded in 2003 by Drs Didier Bonnel and François Cornud, the UDRI aims to promote diagnostic and interventional prostate MRI.

Prostate MRI is now recommended before biopsy to localize focal suspicious areas requiring a targeted biopsy. Expertise is required to assign the right PI-RADS score to a focal lesion detected on MRI.

The interventional program includes MRI-targeted prostate biopsies and in bore MRI-guided focal laser ablation of prostate cancer.