International Course on Prostate MRI and Prostate Biopsies

The Negresco Hotel, Nice, France, June 17-18, 2020
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This course is organized for urologists and radiologists by Dr François Cornud and Pr Bernard Malavaud,  head of the Urology Department at the Oncopole de Toulouse. It will be held in Nice, France, and is  devoted to the diagnosis of prostate cancer by multiparametric MRI and targeted biopsies. The rationale relies on two points :


1-      The use of prostate MRI is expanding, as demonstrated by the growing evidence of its clinical utility. However, consistently assigning a reproducible PI-RADS score to visible lesions, evaluating local/regional/distant tumor extension and detecting tumor local recurrence after radical or focal treatment remain difficult tasks in clinical practice for both urologists and radiologists.

2-      Confirmatory diagnosis of PCa requires a targeted biopsy based on MRI findings. Guidance can be done by different means : MRI-TRUS image fusion, in-bore MRI or very high frequency probe (micro-ultrasonography). There is a need for showing the range of techniques of MR-directed biopsies and the trend for an increase interest for the transperineal approach.


This course combines oral presentations by international speakers (see flyer) on MRI features of prostate cancer (50% of the time), and hands-on workshops (50% of the time) with prostate cases interpretations sessions on workstations and workshop sessions on the techniques of MRI-directed biopsies.


The course aims to describe


1-       the role of MRI in different clinical settings including naïve biopsy patients, repeat biopsy patients, active surveillance, pre-operative staging and diagnostic of recurrence after radical treatment. Correlations with whole mount radical prostatectomy specimens represents a very educational material to understand all MRI features of PCa.

2-      the different techniques of MR-directed prostate biopsy : MRI-TRUS image fusion, in-bore MRI-guided biopsies and real time micro-US-guided biopsies with a very high frequency TRUS probe. The pros and cons of the transrectal and transperineal approaches will be discussed.


Attention has been paid to several specific features:


1- The availability of workstations allowing for a true-life interpretation of numerous prostate cases.

2- Hands-on workshops to show the different techniques of MRI-directed biopsies

3- An electronic voting system that will evaluate the learning curve throughout the workshop, ensuring a high interactivity with the experts.

Venue and date of the course  :

The Negresco Hotel, Nice, France

June,17-18, 2020

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