Université Paris Descartes

5th International Workshop on Diagnostic Prostate MRI April 2020, Thursday 24th and Friday 25th, Paris, France


François Cornud, M.D.,Hôpital Cochin, Department of Radiology (Pr Legmann),


Course format

Teaching course program of Paris Descartes University on Prostate MRI

Lectures (40%) and hands-on practical cases on workstations (60%).

Interactive voting system.


Speakers :

Matthias Barral*, Université Paris Descartes, Paris, France

Tristan Barrett*, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Philippe Camparo**, Centre de Pathologie, Amiens, France

Loïc Colléter*, Imagerie Phocéenne, Marseille, France

François Cornud*, Université Paris Descartes, Paris, France

Matthias C Röthke*, Conradia Imaging Center, Hamburg, Germany

*Department of Radiology, **Department of Pathology




The course has been granted 14 European CME credits (ECMEC®s) by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME®).


Objective of the workshop

This workshop is based on a self-assessment of 60 clinical cases loaded on work stations that registrants will have to analyze to fully understand all MRI features of prostate cancer (PCa). Each of the 6 self-assessment sessions includes 10 clinical cases, which will be discussed by experts who will show the correlation with the whole mount radical prostatectomy specimen, whenever possible.


This anatomical-radiological correlation is an invaluable tool to ensure a reliable interpretation of prostate MRI, even for those who are familiar with prostate MRI.

 Self-assessment represents about 60% of the workshop content. Pre-biopsy detection of the largest lesion (index lesion) is the primary objective, especially in the transition zone, but other clinical situations will be presented, including detection of satellite lesions, tumor reassessment in patients under active surveillance, determination of tumor stage in high-risk cancers and detection of local and distant recurrence after radical treatment (surgery or radiation).

Short powerpoint presentations will be included between interpretation sessions (proper use of PI-RADS, artificial intelligence, signs of extraprostatic tumor extension and their location, updated Gleason score correlated to the ADC value and targeted biopsies)

An electronic voting system that will evaluate the learning curve throughout the workshop, ensuring a high interactivity and allowing for exchanges with experts. This is made possible by a number of participants limited to 40.

Thursday morning: MRI and detection of prostate cancer

08.15-08.40 : Welcome and registration

08.45-09.10 : What about the sequences: basic technical knowledge and beyond

(Matthias Röthke)

09.10-09.45 : PI-RADSv2.1: concept, merits and limits. Pros and cons of a biparametric approach (Tristan Barrett)

09.45-10.10 : Introduction to the workstation (Loïc Colleter)

10.10-10.50 : Self assessment of 10 cases on workstation

10.50-11.10 : Tea or coffee?

11.10-11.50 : Discussion of the 10 cases (Tristan Barrett)

11.50-12.10: Extraprostatic extension: what to look for and where? (Matthias Barral)

12.10-13-00 : Self assessment of 10 cases on workstation

13.00-14.00: Lunch

Thursday afternoon: Detection and cases

14.00-14.45 : Discussion of the 10 cases (Tristan Barrett)

14.45-15.10 : The ISUP scoring system (Philippe Camparo)

15.10-16.00 : Self assessment of 10 cases on workstation

16.00-16.15 : Tea or coffee?

16.15-17.00: Discussion of the 10 cases (Matthias Röthke)


Friday morning: diagnostic of PCa and more cases

08.30-08.50 : Targeted or systematic biopsies : a paradigm shift? (François Cornud)

8.50-09.35 : Self assessment of 10 cases

09.35-10.15 : Discussion of the 10 cases (Matthias Barral; Tristan Barrett)

10.15-10.35 : Coffee

10.35-10.55 : Correlation of the ADC map and the surgical Gleason score: where are the pitfalls? (François Cornud)

11.30-11.55 : Artificial Intelligence and diagnosis of PCa (Matthias Röthke)

11.55-12.30 : Self assessment of 10 cases

12.30-13.00 : Discussion of the 10 cases (Tristan Barrett, Loïc Colléter)


Friday afternoon: Evaluation of high risk cancers and more cases

13.50-14.15 : Whole body MRI and PSMA (Matthias Röthke)

14.15-14.40 : MRI features of local recurrence after radical treatment (Loïc Colleter)

14.40-15.20 : Self assessment of 10 cases

15.20-16.00 : Discussion of the 10 cases (Matthias Röthke)

16.00 : Closing remarks

Amphitheatre Antoine Dausset, Hôpital Cochin, just opposite to Pavillon Achard
The amphitheatre is very close to the car entry of the hospital, 10 rue Méchain, 75014, Paris



Public transports :

  • RER : Denfert-Rochereau (500m)
  • METRO : Denfert-Rochereau (lines 6 and 4), Saint-Jacques (line 6)
  • BUS : 28 – 38 – 68 – 88

Registration fee : 500€ ; Residents : 150€


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